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As of August 3rd we have one black tri TOY female puppy for sale! contact me for pictures and pricing...


We have a black tri female and a blue merle female, both are toy size. 

We cross them with our red tri mini or a friend's blue merle.  Our litters produce both toy size & mini sizes plus red/black tris or red/blue merles! We can ship/fly puppies or find a ride through our rodeo contacts! 


If you want to be notified when the next litter is on the way, send me an email!


Annie is our babysitter! She follows our daughters

everywhere. She loves to track things and wants to work the roping cattle. She is playful and very loyal! Annie knows several tricks and is quick to do what ever you ask of her. Annie goes everywhere with us.

She is 12.5" tall  (toy)




Pebbles is very laid back and is a "snuggler"! 

She has become attached to our youngest daughter. . Pebbles is a very sweet dog who loves attention.  She likes to play, but when you are done playing she is content to just hang out.

She is 12.5" tall  (toy)



Sling Shot is our "old man".  

He has been with us for 13 years. He loves to work cattle and he loves to be your friend.  He goes with us everywhere and loves the rodeos.

He is 15" tall



Buddy is out of our girl Pebbles.

His Dad, Jax, is owned by my brother

(Sling Shot is the father to Jax, his mother was Maggie but she is no longer with us). He is owned by Grace and Carter Anderson and we occasionally breed him to Annie. He is 14" tall.





  If you would like to be notified when another litter is on the way, just let us know!






Morgan and Jax: Both of them are from previous litters

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